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Meet Dr. Aparajeya Shanker MD

Meet Dr. Aparajeya Shanker MD

Meet Dr. Aparajeya Shanker MD

Dr Aparajeya Shanker MD, is an experienced researcher and physician, with a deep interest in Surgical Research. He has been published in areas of Oncosurgery, General Surgery, Oncogyneacology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Public Health and Forensic Medicine. He has supervised over 8 multi-center trials, and has supervised multiple research groups in Oncosurgery.

With his experience, he has taught research methods in surgery and has been an invited guest speaker for multiple international organizations and has helped guide medical students through the incredibly rewarding journey that Research is.

The Research Guide

This research guide, curated by Dr Aparajeya Shanker MD, is an essential guide to beginning your journey with Medical Research. This free guide gives you the critical starting information you need to become a medical researcher. Carefully curated with medical students in mind, this free guide will be a blueprint for your success with medical research

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